You have your Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. accounts all set up and post your latest listings on a regular basis. But your audience is much more than Buyers.

You also want to reach sellers (both current and future) as well as potential referrals from engaged followers.

Listings are great for Buyers but if that’s all you have, future customers are likely to stop following you. If they are not in the market to buy they won’t find your posts relevant. You also want to be in front of future sellers, future buyers and of course the golden ticket – the referral.

So how do you change this? By including engagement posts! These are articles and posts on real estate related topics that are meant to inform and entertain. Examples include the latest home décor tips, preparing your home for resale, etc.

These keep potential customers interested in following your social media pages and will lead to additional “likes” and “shares”.

Our recommendation is to follow a practice of at least 60% engagement posts on a regular basis of at least once or twice per week. This of course means much more attention and time will need to be spent on your social media accounts but is well worth the effort to build your future business stream.

Coming up – why Real Estate agents need their own social media program and not just their Broker’s.

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