I’ve seen it many times. Your company hires you for a sales position and then leaves it up to you to do your own prospecting. Not necessarily a good use of your time. Your skill set centers on working with prospects to understand and value your services so that they want to purchase them.

You make money when you close a deal, not when you are looking for one.

Creating a stream of prospects is crucial. Part of your marketing strategy needs to include social media.

How often have you had a prospect say, “Not interested” over and over then one day says, “let’s talk!” because something changed.

Or how about the prospect that wish they had known about you a month ago when they were looking?

Social media keeps you top-of-mind, helps you brand yourself as an expert, simplifies the referral process and introduces you and your services to new prospects outside your network.

The beauty is that you can use a third-party service to run your campaign so that it operates in the background as a source of leads. This is not to say you shouldn’t be active and enhance your campaigns, but you can have the bulk of the work done by someone else.

As for budgeting, look for a service provider that fits your expected investment/return model but can also scale with you as your business grows. For example, if you are selling $50,000 commercial systems you can justify a higher spend than if you are selling $1,000 services. You also want to consider factors such as a new territory or your experience level with the service you are offering. As your sales grow it will become easier to allocate a larger budget to your campaigns for even greater returns.

So, if you are looking for ways to leverage your prospecting efforts take a closer look at your social media presence and invest in yourself.